Schermafdruk 2015-01-29 10.40.48Second day of the conference. We were both a bit disappointed about yesterday. But we’ve started this day with fresh energy! Our key note is Robert Winston, professor Science and Society in London.

The human mind is developing so rapidly. Robert talks about: Hamlet, telescope, steam engine, portable computing, moon landing, synthetic biology. Where will we be with learning in 5 years from now? We don’t know.

What happens in our brain? The brain is the most complex object in the universe. He shows a very nice video about hoe we learn:

(If you are interested in more from Robert Winston, please check his video collection on YouTube. From ‘how can we get pregnant’ to ‘how to sleep better’).

He shows a picture of four nobel price winners. With his comment: every two of us have more brains then one of these nobel price winners. We should collaborate more!

We learn by watching other people. Imitating is so important. Think about small children who don’t have the ability to speak yet, but can ‘answer the telephone’ and ‘have a conversation’ 🙂

He introduces to us the example of Rebecca Still who needs to learn a new movement on the bar. The coach: I need to fill her brain with the new movements’. It shows the power of visualization: you can go through the new movement in your brain, and it helps to perform better. The pathways in your brain are already in place, before you start the movement with your body,

How do we remember things? How do we use our minds when it comes to creativity?

We copy the behavior of someone talking to we find friendly and nice. We want to belong to his or her way of communication. Robert showed a good video to illustrate this point, with a nice and nasty boy…

Well, this was a nice and inspiring start of the day! Especially the way Robert presented his story to us: with great video’s, music and his personal touch and style to the story. For me, the elements in learning: modeling, visualization, copying, experimenting, are in the picture again!