This is one of the sessions I’m really curious about: Euan Semple. I’m very charmed by his book ‘Organisations don’t tweet, people do’. Wonder what his session is about… three years later.

Schermafdruk 2015-01-29 14.48.43Euan starts with the question: who is using an online platform, which is not hijacked by Communication and Marketing? There were some very nice stories from participants. It’s not about technology, but it is about culture and attitude. It’s not about age, but about the willingness to join up communication. Internet is about the value of written words.

  • Written words;
  • Social;
  • Intimate (it’s my phone in my pocket);
  • Biological (I have ideas and I share them online);
  • Agency (It helps you to work smarter);
  • Technology (‘you can even do it with Sharepoint, I believe’);

It ’s all about learning. It makes you a sponge. You observe more carefully. You think about what is of value to you. You bring things one step further. Let’s step into it as an organisation. But it is a different way of learning we are used to.

Maybe if we write well enough and live a little better life will improve a bit just out of shame.

Working Out Loud… has huge potential doing this within organisations. “How does one manage to have an authentic voice in a stifling environment?”

  • Asking questions;
  • Offering answers (there is a lot to do with language in this – right words, right tone);
  • Curiosity and wondering (why is this happening? Why does this work like this? What is my role in this);
  • Self awareness, leadership, being thoughtful about your relationship with other people;
  • Trust
  • Tolerance (an online discussion might go into a totally other direction then you had in mind…)
  • Tone
  • Intent (people in your network will ‘steer’ your intent
  • Concision (I get bored after reading half a page…on an online platform)
  • Building networks (make judgements on who to follow)
  • Helping others get good at it (people need help)
  • Modelling behavior
  • Collective sense making
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Personal brand (how effective is your personal plan?)

Well, a nice list with valuable elements to get more knowledge sharing started in organisations. The content was a bit disappointing to me, but it was very nice to hear Euan speak. He ‘does what he tells’ and has many concrete and practical examples. And he expresses the value of blogging, not for the sake of informing others, but for yourself as a powerful reflection and learning ‘tool’.