Monday December 10 we will have a webinar with Jane Hart. It will not be a ‘traditional webinar’, but we make it a ‘Flipped Webinar’. You probably have heard about that model? If not, you can read more in Dan Pink’s article in The Telegraph here.  This means that we make the start with a blogpost, giving you the opportunity to get into the subject of the webinar and start thinking of some questions it might raise. In the webinar we spend time discussing the topic, sharing experiences from practice, and discussing your questions, and their applications and implications for workplace learning.

So, what should we ask you to read?  Well Jane has been writing a lot, as you may well know, about the use of social media for learning and,  in conjunction with her Internet Time Alliance colleagues (Jay Cross, Harold Jarche, Charles Jennings and Clark Quinn), a lot too on the importance of working smarter. One of her latest blogposts is about ‘learning the old’ versus ‘learning the new’, and this might make an interesting start. So here’s the article to get you started:

>> Learning the old vs. Learning the new.

Now, in order that we have time to prepare for the webinar on Monday, it would be great if you could leave your questions in the comments area below by the end of Sunday 9th. If you would like to ask Jane any other questions, please feel free to leave them here too!  Of course there will also be an opportunity to ask other questions in the webinar itself.

We, Jane and Sibrenne, look forward to reading your questions – and talking with you on Monday 10th at 15.00 Amsterdam time in our webinar!