Sam Burrough and Martin Couzins facilitate my last session on MOOCs and the value of it. The room had several round tables so it looked like this session will have a bit more interaction then the sessions 🙂

What can you use a MOOC for:

  • Schermafdruk 2015-01-29 16.19.46Personal learning and own development – why wouldn’t you do this?
  • Curating & Connecting – suggest MOOCs to other people. (Here a list of MOOCs, organized by Sam and Martin)
  • Applying MOOC approaches – scaling learning, social interaction around content, collecting data, reflection.
  • Running real MOOCs

MOOCs are an iteration on the path to more web-like learning experiences

How do you design a MOOC? Some learning experiences from Sam and Martin: Start with the end in mind. Sam and Martin used Curatr as the platform for their first MOOC. This platform allows you to use several game mechanics. (If you don’t know Curatr it is worth a try! And a great opportunity coming up.. on Monday 2 February a MOOC is started there on Social Learning!) Think about three C’s: content, conversation and connection (people connecting with each other).

What if you could collect useful data for all three c’s?

We had a short discussion around this question on my table. And I have to admit that I don’t have much with such a question around data. But there are a couple of people on my table, working in large corporate organisations. They all have a LMS and collect lots and lots of data… but lack the right capability to make good use of all these data. Same message as we came up with last evening, when we were talking about Xapi. New world to explore!