Martin Couzins and Sam Burrough, facilitators of the MOOC ‘Exploring Social Learning‘, are experts and practitioners of social learning. Around 1960 Bandura already introduced the term ‘social learning theory’ as a cognitive process that takes place in a social content. With all technological developments, social learning has broadened its perspective.

What is social learning? And why might it be a good strategy for a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world we live and work in? Sam Burrough, director Credible You, and Martin Couzins, founder of LearnPatch believe that in such a world, it is impossible to train people to deal with every challenge they are going to face.

We can’t match learning pathways to match all the permutations out there.

But what can we do? Social learning is about helping people to explore topics together and developing the skills they need to solve complex problems collectively and collaboratively. In this sense, how might a social learning experience look like? How can we design social learning? And what are the challenges in facilitating a social learning experience?

In this webinar we will explore putting social learning approaches into practice. We will start with a warming-up exercise a week before the webinar.

Taal:  Engels
Voor wie:  Trainers, opleidingsadviseurs, (verander)managers
 Datum: On request
Waar:  online in Adobe Connect
Kosten:  25 euro (exl. BTW). We bieden de mogelijkheid aan tot het nemen van een strippenkaart. Dan kun je aan 4 webinars deelnemen voor de prijs van 3: 75 euro excl. BTW.
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