We are used to showing the end result of our work.

But what would happen if we would share the process of our craft and thinking?

And make this process visible in such a way that it inspires and helps others?


Helen Blunden is an advocate of “working out loud”, and in this webinar she will help us grasp the concept and bring it into practice. She is social learning & performance consultant, and founder of Activate Learning Solutions. She uses social and informal learning through effective use of enterprise social networking and collaboration tools and platforms.


As she writes on her blog: “When you narrate your work openly and publicly, in effect you are sharing, describing, linking, defining, reflecting and connecting the dots on how work gets done. The public and open nature of you explaining the process of your work, learning and thinking allows people to engage in dialogue in the spirit of shared purpose, trust and reciprocity where they can give each other new, unique and diverse perspectives  of that work.  In so doing, the result is that it supports you to be more productive, improves your performance and surfaces any challenges or bottlenecks.It’s a way of learning at work, every day.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What Working Out Loud entails;
  • Concrete examples, showing the value of Working Out Loud (for yourself and for teams, organisations);
  • Helpful tools and resources;
  • How to make a start sharing your work out loud;
  • What to do with thoughts like “but no-one will find what I’m doing interesting!” or “I’m going to run out of ideas before the end of this week!”

A week before the webinar we will start with a short warming-up to get you excited about Working Out Loud.


Taal:  English
Doelgroep:  Everybody interested in showing more of the process of your craft and thinking.
Tijd:  10 October 2017 12.00 – 13.00 uur
Plaats:  online
Kosten:  25.- Euro’s (exl. BTW) of neem een strippenkaart van 4 webinars voor de prijs van 3
Aanmelden:  Per mail aan info@ennuonline.com
Meer info:  Neem contact op met Sibrenne Wagenaar: 0623692942