Robin Good (@robingood) is famous for his content curation expertise and for practicing what he preaches: curating content. You can find some of his curated sources on ZEEF,, or through his top tools newsletter. Robin is a former DJ, radio director and video producer and currently he assists individuals and organizations to identify the best strategy and approach to transform their passion, talent and skills into an online sustainable information / business service.

Why content curation is important for education and learning

The adoption of “curation approaches” will directly affect the way competences are taught, how textbooks are put together, how students are going to learn about a subject, and more than anything, the value that can be generated for “others” through a personal learning path. If we learn not by memorizing facts, but by collaborating with others in the creation of a meaningful collection-explanations of specific topics/issues/events then, for the first time in history, we can enrich planetary knowledge each time we take on a new learning task. (from a blogpost by Robin Good)


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is content curation
  • What’s so cool about curation and learning
  • Great examples of content curation

We will start with a short warming-up a week before the webinar.

Taal: Engels
Voor wie: Trainers, opleidingsadviseurs, (verander)managers
 Datum:  Op aanvraag
Waar: online in Adobe Connect
Kosten: 25 euro (exl. BTW). We bieden de mogelijkheid aan tot het nemen van een strippenkaart. Dan kun je aan 4 webinars deelnemen voor de prijs van 3: 75 euro excl. BTW.
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