How do you make sense of your work?

You are probably subscribed to newsletters, you might read blogs, follow tweets. Harold Jarche calls these ‘low sense-making activities’: key is to subscribe to a diverse assortment of perspectives and opinions and have a set of processes to help you make sense of the world. Contribute to what you come across. We should develop a working and learning out loud style to connect us. His blog ‘seeking and sense-making‘ is a great introduction to the subject of this webinar. One step further: what does it require to work effectively in a ‘network era’? This is about: finding the right people, share inside and outside the organization, quickly find people best suited to solve problems, …

Harold Jarche is an international consultant and speaker, helping people and businesses master the new era of digital work. He supports organizations in improving performance through social learning. Harold Jarche is focused on workplace transformation for the network era.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • what the value is of sense making and learning & working out loud
  • what requires from us to work in a network era
  • how to use high value activities in your work and develop network era competencies
  • how to support others in seek – sense – share

A week before the webinar we start a small warming-up.

Taal: English
Doelgroep: All professionals
Tijd: On request
Plaats: online
Kosten: 25.- Euro’s (exl. BTW) of neem een strippenkaart van 4 webinars voor de prijs van 3
Aanmelden: Per mail aan
Meer info: Neem voor meer informatie contact op met Sibrenne Wagenaar: 0623692942