Have you participated in webinars which were so boring that you ended up doing your email rather than listening to the speaker? Donald H Taylor has hosted several hundred webinars, has coached hundreds of speakers to successful delivery, and is author of the book Webinar Master, a short guide to successful webinars. As he says in the book: “It’s been an exciting journey and the thrill hasn’t gone yet. I still get excited before we kick off one of our sessions and still feel the buzz when it has gone particularly well

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What the key is to a dynamic webinar;
  • The art of being a good host and asking good questions;
  • Tips for working with guest speakers

A week before the webinar we will start with a short warming-up to get you excited about dynamic webinars.

Taal:  English
Doelgroep:  Everybody who organizes and facilitates webinar or wants to start with webinars
Tijd:  Op aanvraag
Plaats:  online
Kosten:  25.- Euro’s (exl. BTW) of neem een strippenkaart van 4 webinars voor de prijs van 3
Aanmelden:  Per mail aan info@ennuonline.com
Meer info:  Neem voor meer informatie contact op met Sibrenne Wagenaar: 0623692942