Maand: juni 2015

The blended induction program of Nicole in Brighton

In preparation of our webinar with Clive Shepherd Tuesday 9th June about ‘more than blended learning’ we have a story for you to analyze. It is the story of Nicole. Nicole is a French woman, going to work for Lebeau in Brighton (Lebeau is a fashion brand). She is sharing her experiences with her induction program. Watch the story unfold in three videos: Why you think the induction program of Nicole was successful? What elements can you translate to your own learning programs? Please share this in the comments of this...

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Bekwaamheden voor sociaal leren

Wat is sociaal leren? Ik gebruik hier de definitie van Marcia Conner: I define social learning as participating with others to make sense of new ideas. Augmented by a new slew of social tools, people can gather information and gain new context from people across the globe and around the clock as easily as they could from those they work beside. Sociaal leren is niet nieuw maar krijgt wel een hele nieuwe dimensie door de mogelijkheden geboden door sociale tools als Blogs, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn groepen etc. De cultuur op het sociale web is open; informatie en verhalen worden makkelijk gedeeld...

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