More than blended learning: designing world-class learning interventions

Clive Shepherd, author of the book ‘More than blended learning‘, will be our guest in a webinar on designing high-class learning experiences. Why is this a must attend webinar?


As designers of learning solutions, we want to make a difference to the organizations we serve. Sometimes, however, our interventions fail to hit the target and leave us feeling frustrated. However carefully we have crafted our face-to-face sessions and/or e-learning modules, they have made only a temporary impact on the learners’ journeys. Clearly, we need to do something different – we need to find the best blend.

More than blended! The interesting view of Clive is that blended is not just blending face-to-face with online. Blended solutions combine different social contexts for learning (learning alone, one-to-one, in cohorts, and from wider communities), different strategies, and different modalities. In this webinar Clive will work with us to understand what is the best blend in a given situation.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What blended learning is and why it is more than a blend of online and face-to-face
  • How blended learning can integrate formal, social, and experiential learning
  • How to design blends that deliver end-to-end solutions

We will start with a warming-up exercise a week before the webinar. During the webinar there will be a clinic in which we will discuss 3 actual cases.

Taal: Engels
Voor wie: Trainers, opleidingsadviseurs, (verander)managers
 Datum: On request
Waar: online in Adobe Connect
Kosten: 25 euro (exl. BTW). We bieden de mogelijkheid aan tot het nemen van een strippenkaart. Dan kun je aan 4 webinars deelnemen voor de prijs van 3: 75 euro excl. BTW.
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