Showing your work: understand the tacit knowledge in our work.

Jane Bozarth, is the author of the book ‘Show your work’. What will we focus on in this webinar?

Showing your work, also known as narrating work or working out loud, can solve many problems for organizations, from capturing tacit knowledge to easing transitions when workers depart, to further enabling informal and social learning. This comes not from documenting steps in a process, but by telling what we’re doing, watching others do things, and showing others how we did something.

In this session we’ll explore dozens of real examples of showing work along with the tools and approaches that support it. We’ll talk about when, what and where to share, and examine some organizational culture issues, such as trust, that are important for successfully showing our work. Finally, we’ll look to answer how can training and development practitioners help this happen?

Taal: Engels
Voor wie: Trainers, opleidingsadviseurs, (verander)managers
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