Wednesday 18th of February we will have an interactive webinar with Harold Jarche. You probably have heard about the Seek-Sense-Share model, and in this webinar we will look at the skills you need to effectively  use this model as a professional.

Two weeks ago we had the opportunity to work with Harold Jarche for a couple of days, and I reflected om below presented statements. Although they were not that new to me, they helped me focus again. One valuable insight I got out was that I do have an interesting and diverse network of people around me, but I could make much more use of it, then I do now. And one of my strengths is the tools and techniques I use to capture my knowledge. When I start with a new project, I can easily find a couple of blogposts and articles that help me get started. I hope those statements are helpful to you as well!

Please rate yourself on the following statements (Low 1 – 5 High):

  1. I know the area of knowledge I want to focus on.
  2. I know what knowledge I have that is interesting to share with others.
  3. I have good tools and techniques, which help me capture my knowledge.
  4. When a colleague asks me for a specific tool or method I have used, I can easily find it in my ‘library’.
  5. I regularly discuss my questions and experiences with colleagues.
  6. I have access to the field of knowledge that is interesting to me.
  7. I have several positive examples of situations in which my network helped me out.
  8. I regularly seek out new areas to observe and gain insights.
  9. When I look at my network, there is enough diversity for innovation and new perspectives.
  10. I regularly take time to reflect on my learning and capture my ideas.

Question to you: What is an aspect you rate very high? What is something you want to improve?

  • Please identify one aspect you know you are really good at, with a short explanation.
  • Share one aspect you want to improve or an aspect you have questions about.

You can share your answers below as a comment to this blogpost. We will use the results of this reflection exercise in the webinar. Looking forward reading about your strengths and questions!