Maand: februari 2012

The spidergram for getting started with AND evaluating communities

“Technology has fundamentally changed how we can be together!” With this phrase Nancy White started the webinar ‘Thinking about online communities using the Digital Habitats Orientation Spidergram’, which was held on the 21st February 2012. Nancy: “Technology has enabled us to communicate by distance through skype, bigmarker, e-mail, blogs, discussion groups and other social media tools. Some of them work effective, others are less effective. It depends on the situation. The world of the ‘paper and pen’ has transformed into a new world of digital tools. That has created a new dynamic on how we communicate in communities. If technology is not working we use...

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Digital habitats, technologies for communities: webinar with Nancy White

On the 21st of February, we will have our second webinar with international experts, from 15.30-17.00. Here’s the introduction to the webinar by Nancy White which she has also posted on her blog: As we prepared for the webinar, some of the random potential bits for discussion included the practice of tech stewardship, the pros and cons of  ”hopping across technologies,” the tension between thinking about the platform AS the community instead of the people — especially distributed communities, what it means to ‘be together” as a distributed group, more on online facilitation, and how to identify community activities and...

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