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Working with social proof as a guide to practice (John Smith)

John Smith is one of the leaders of CPsquare, an online community about communities of practice, and co-author of Digital Habitats, a book about stewarding technology for communities. John is passionate about social learning, about learning in communities, and about the possibilities and traps that technology brings to learning and communities.

Social proof also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people use the actions of others in an attempt to determine correct behavior or the truth in a given situation. An exercise to be completed before the webinar will illustrate social proof, after which we will discuss what social proof is and how it shows up in our technology-mediated lives. We end with the practical application of social proof as (online) participants, facilitators or designers of learning and community. How could awareness of social proof guide our practice in our respective roles?

Language: English
For whom: Change and learning professionals, community managers, teamleaders
Place: online in Adobe connect
Fee: 25.- Euro’s (exl. BTW or VAT) we have the option of taking a ‘strippenkaart’ of 4 webinars for the price of 3 webinars 75 Euro’s ex. BTW
Registration: By sending a mail to
More information: For more information contact Joitske Hulsebosch, e-mail.